An Architect’s Dream Is A Civil Engineer’s Nightmare
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An Architect’s Dream Is A Civil Engineer’s Nightmare

An Architect’s Dream Is A Civil Engineer’s Nightmare

An architect is responsible for the artistic design of a structure and a civil engineer does the mathematics and construction of the structure plan. You must be wondering why I am telling you this, it’s because that both of these people are responsible for working as a team to build anything.

 The real question is that how hard is to collaborate with each other. It is absurd to think that one is more important or difficult than the other. However, it is sometimes quite difficult to collaborate with each other. If the architect gets creative than its ok but if he becomes too flexible then that’s a problem. No matter how creative the design might be, it should not cross the realistic aspect of it.

If the design is not realistic then the civil engineer has a lot of things to worry about. He would obviously be worried about the practicality and execution of the design in the most efficient way. If the architect is understanding enough to help the civil engineer in executing the construction plan then it’s a job well done. Otherwise, it will become chaos. Many skilled civil engineers complain about the over creative design of architects. Similarly, some of the civil engineers are not motivated to go for strong creativity and don’t like to challenge new things. When burj khalifa was designed by the architects, it must have been really tough to match the design work with the execution of civil engineers. I can’t imagine the level of teamwork it must have taken yet we only see the end result.

So, I think that architects and civil engineers should work in balance and perfect harmony as they both require strong teamwork. If both of them are in perfect sync and are familiar with the endless possibilities and the realistic limitations then they can truly utilize their powers efficiently. It may sound complicated but finding the right balance is the only possible solution for this problem.

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